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Shoe Repair


 Shoe & Boot Repairing Rates

Misc Repairs - $10.00

Resole (Including new heels, if applicable) - $85.00

Replace heels only – $50.00

Add or change hooks/eyelets – $25.00

Dye boots/shoes (black dye only) – $60.00

Repair stitching – $25.00

Replace gussets – $75.00

Apply Tuff Toe – $40.00

Repair heel counter pocket lining – $60.00




Handbag, Wallet & Purse Repair

Repairing straps, seams, patching, zippers, and more.


Coat & Jacket Repair

There’s nothing like an old favorite coat, sweater or any article of clothing that tells your story. We can work on repairing that piece to get it back to the camp-fire for many more stories.


Leather Repair

General leather repairs


Denim Jean & Trouser Repair

Patching, hemming, tapering & general repair to denim and most other types of trousers.

Your jeans can be put through a lot wear and tear. At WaskaWear we can bring them back to life for a few more rides.

On most repairs we try to mend in such a way that it’s not noticeable. In some cases, we like to celebrate the imperfection with a flourish of fabric or maybe some other sentimental piece of fabric that you would like to use.


Tarp Repair

Boat canopy, boat seats, fish house canvas, trailer covers and more.